What are the JLGA membership levels?

Provisional: When you’re a Provisional, it just means you’re a new member in the process of fulfilling your requirements to become an active member.
Active: Active members have completed the requirements for membership and are considered full members of JLGA.
Active Advisory: Active advisory is a temporary membership level which may be granted for one year to members in good standing with at least three years of active service. These members can vote, but may not hold office, and are required to fulfill their financial obligations. Ask our treasurer for more info. 
Sustaining: Sustaining members have fulfilled their Active membership requirements (5 years of service) and who continue to support this League and its communities. These members may not hold office or vote, but retain all other membership privileges.
Emeritus: Emeritus Status is granted upon reaching the age of 70. Once granted, she remains Emeritus permanently. EM remains on the League’s membership list but are not obligated to pay dues.